It's Christmas Showstopper time...!

It's Christmas Showstopper time...!

Are you ready to tell your Christmas story in your store?

Christmas is the most exciting time in the retail calendar, and visually, businesses are constantly looking to eye-catching ideas and impressive display elements to capture the imagination of customers and keep them engaged.
From fantastic creative concepts, to the most economic, value for money schemes, we design, build, and install Christmas spectacular displays for stores. Are you ready for your upcoming Christmas season?

We can help you create great festive display showstoppers! We specialise in creating head-turning props and displays. For some examples of our work take a browse here, and also for the types of services we have to make your story complete, because…

It’s about the story. Your story.

And, as your Christmas story is told through your customer’s store experience that unfolds from window to checkout, we use the same flow of ideas and language throughout the journey instore – from themed display to props and navigation graphics.

We always love coming up with great ideas to create the complete store experience for your customers.

Let’s team up to develop concepts where design and function work together to create great impact, dynamic aesthetic, and multi-use of visual display core items.

American Golf & Display Logic continue to raise the game – with strive, drive, and lots of forward swing.

American Golf & Display Logic continue to raise the game – with strive, drive, and lots of forward swing.

For avid golfers – players and spectators alike, one tournament that holds a very special place in the heart is the Open Championships. To celebrate the start of the 146th Open, and again this year it is being played at Royal Birkdale, we would love to seize the moment and join in with the celebratory air. We’re most proud to share the very special work that the team at Display Logic have undertaken with the Europe’s largest Golf retailer, American Golf.

As in golf, one shot can help the team win, and every skill can contribute, and the many projects we’ve undertaken together has put us on course to build up a pure long game of golfing retail outlets with the right display touch.

Read more about American Golf here.

American Golf’s growth has seen Display Logic work alongside the brand in the development of its stores, together with many key features. The latest store opening in Aintree saw us develop, manufacture and install the new GAME IMPROVEMENT ZONE, which hosts all the very latest in technology including Trackman, GC2 and Sam Putt Lab.

Display Logic has always looked to deliver the very best in production and service, and have shared the American Golf philosophy to provide the very best experience for every golfer. Through our time working with the brand, our Joint Managing Director, Madelene Sharpe, has developed an outstanding knowledge and understanding of the American Golf brand, and indeed has worked on the creation of each element of the retailer’s estate.

Each piece of individual equipment and signage within American Golf stores are designed and manufactured in-house at Display Logic’s full service facilities in the heart of Halifax, Yorkshire. Each store’s requirements are slightly different ,with many bespoke items that need to be created to deliver the perfect look and feel.

One of the latest units is the Footwear wall unit, which not only displays shoe styles but also allows the pairs to be stored behind the display, providing quick and efficient service.

  • The individual Driver racks are designed to provide the perfect angle to display the clubs but allow them to be easily removed, together with providing space to showcase the brands’ point of sale collateral.
  • Iron Sets are housed within the purpose-built acrylic display units and have now been incorporated with display plinths and offer signage frames, providing full set purchases.
  • Golf ball gondolas provide high volume units, allowing the stock to be fully displayed on the floor for that impulse purchase.
  • Putting Units see a wide variety of sizes produced to fully allow the individual putters to be selected and tried out on the purpose-built putting greens.
  • A full suite of signage – from the amazing store fascias, which really does showcase the brand, through to the directional signage and in-store information signs and vinyl’s in key customer flow areas, directs the customer easily through the store and into the purposely designed golf fitting labs which provide each golfer with the perfect fit for their club purchase.

The customer experience continues throughout the store and to the till point which is produced to provide a perfect display and pick up line location, showcasing gloves, tees and individual practice balls and accessories.

The latest American Golf stores to open that we have worked closely together on all aspects of retail design are –

  • Bournemouth
  • Braintree
  • Guernsey
  • Ageas Bowl Southampton
  • Aintree

At each corner of an American Golf store, every element is reviewed and designed with great attention to detail, and like American Golf says – #WeExistToImproveYourGame – we at Display Logic are here to create the perfect customer experience.


“Fantasy & Fantastic”: the marriage of classic VM Retail Essentials and new technology for consumer experience.

“Fantasy & Fantastic”: the marriage of classic VM Retail Essentials and new technology for consumer experience.

As one industry insider put it, these days visual merchandising ‘needs less crystal ball, and more strategic creative approaches.’

With the well documented shift in consumer shopping habits, and the need for retailers to integrate digital and bricks-and-mortar store experiences, there is an interesting framework that has emerged – that of the assimilation of classic store visual merchandising elements still standing the test of time and finding their use, versus the new desire for experience, for stores to become experiental, theatrical with sometimes more of an ‘art installation’ approach to display, and to be quirky, fun, intriguing, engaging, and interactive. And, for the retailer, of course, to ensure instore sales success too.

The Head of Visual in Selfridges, Erin Thompson, says, ‘I think it’s tough to predict the impact of the digital generation, as by then a whole generation of customers who have known nothing but touchscreen interactive technology will have grown up and be shopping for themselves. However, marry that with the fact we all know how old school techniques really work and that we are always going to be tactile people, I think we might have a new combination of old and new ways working by 2020. Plus, add the fact that increasingly our job isn’t to highlight new product, but to highlight it in new ways.. Customers have already seen our products online and this will surely just increase, so our job becomes more and more about entertainment.’

The combination of craftsmanship and technology is something that will become the height of innovative and imaginative retail. Visual merchandising will be a major part of the shopping experience, providing excitement and entertainment instore. Consumers love the experience of ‘real live’ shopping. Shoppers also still long for connection, and it’s about finding creative ways to bring them into our displays and help them feel connected to the world beyond tech-saturation.

One visual merchandising blogger says that ‘store displays will become more of an art installation, notably window displays, a reflection of lifestyle, trend, and social being.’ The return of excellent craftsmanship with attention to detail in displays to counteract mass production is also key. Excellent design will always stand out.

Visual merchandising teams, both from retailers themselves and from their selected suppliers, rely on visionary creatives to help with the constantly morphing of technology and skills required to take display to the next level. Props, mannequins and point-of-sale and Retail Essential display items such as plinths, gondolas and tables will always be crucial in the VM world, but the materials, finishes, shapes, forms, and themes will constantly evolve as discerning consumers demand more and more from their retail experience. “Fantasy and Fantastic is the way forward,” says an industry Creative Director.

This will be done in a number of ways: through theatre and the art of creating a unique, sensorial experience; personalised service to make the customer feel integrated and invested, special and included; and of course brilliant and clever installations and displays!

British retailer Ted Baker’s Miami store reflecting the art deco/Miami theme and ‘Hello Flamingo’

Ted Baker’s Miami store fitting rooms continue the experience

Ted Baker’s Miami store – art deco ‘Hello Flamingo’ Miami theatrical experience continues

Mini pop up store

A store in Shanghai

Anthropologie, NY

Nike window display

Window display in Japan

Berghoff Goodman window

Display Logic is perfectly poised to harness all the potential of these new trends to create something quite unique and tailored to retailers – with a full-house service from creative design, complete manufacturing process covering all key departments, to installation. We have invested in a comprehensive 3D facility, 3D Impact, and through this we create the magic, the ‘theatre’, the fun and surprise elements to displays. Not only that, but we have the full facilities to create unique textures and finishes, and the addition of other display elements. Our joinery workshop is extensive, as is our printing, acrylic fabrication and spraypainting to name but a few.

With over twenty five years of display and visual merchandising supply experience, we work closely with our clients to create their next VM and display success.

Retail Webrooming & Showrooming: How not to be left in digital's dust

Retail Webrooming & Showrooming: How not to be left in digital's dust

Showrooming and Webrooming are big obstacles retailers face as the world becomes more connected. How can this be combatted to ensure they’re not left in digital’s dust?

What is Showrooming? Have you ever seen something in a store, and then gone online to try and find it for a better price? That’s showrooming. It’s one of the byproducts of retailers not always integrating their customers’ online and in-person shopping experiences.

OK, but what’s webrooming? It’s essentially the opposite of showrooming, when consumers research products online and then buy them in-store.

Bryan Eisenberg, chief marketing officer at IdealSpot, points out that retailers can’t simply choose between online and brick-and-mortar stores because that’s not how the world works. “Retail does not exist without an online component and online retail isn’t as cost-effective if you don’t have a brick-and-mortar component,” says Eisenberg. “We’re connected all the time through the phones in our pockets, but we live in a physical world.”

“Some may mourn the fact that the functional aspect of shopping the high street is now better delivered online, but in its place is a move towards a ‘retailtainment’ almost leisure experience that engages, excites and inspires.” Karl McKeever, Retail Focus columnist, says that “a retail store isn’t for product distribution anymore. Product information has become ubiquitous – you can learn about products and price them online.” “So what’s going to make me want to be loyal to you?” asks Eisenberg. “You need to make it special, where I just don’t want to go anywhere else.”

Look at ways to re-invent the in-store experience!

The Digitally Enabled Store

Retailers are now looking to create digital shopping ‘experiences’ which bring digital technology into stores.

For example, Burberry’s flagship London store contains an impressive array of digital gadgetry to provide a better shopping experience for customers. This includes iPads by the dozen, lots of video screens, including full-length screens which convert into mirrors, as well as clothing which has been chipped to trigger catwalk videos when near a mirror.


M&S has tried something similar in its Cheshire Oaks store, adding virtual make-up counters, lots of video screens and wi-fi.




Display Logic have produced tables to house ipads in, for one of our longstanding clients, GAP.

Regardless of where consumers originate their point of shopping, they want their experience with a retailer to be “seamless”, very easy to use, and personal.

  • Get under the skin of customer interactions from fixture to zonal level and target your merchandise and communications to amplify their experience at each stage.
  • Provide interactive industry leading touch points that will position you over and above competitors for unrivalled in-store customer experiences.
  • Facilitate customer spending with improved store design, effective shop floor resourcing and engaging concepts to maximise every opportunity.
  • Enrich the customer experiencewith exciting touchpoints and interactions.
  • Convert browsers to buyersby completing their purchasing decision with staff support, strategic merchandising and effective signage.                                    
  • Capitalise on impulse purchasesand explore areas of initial interaction and dwell times.
  • Increase average transaction valueand encourage desired routes by simplifying store navigation to designated areas.
  • Optimise category and space productivityby understanding how your customers shop.

Strong visual merchandising can make a good retail outlet great. Investing a little time and effort in giving your store a facelift can make a world of difference. Engaging some professional services to help with your branding, your window displays or your in store signage can make you really stand out from the crowd. This has a huge impact on customer experience in your store.

Why not let Display Logic create extraordinary and striking retail and shopping experiences through all types of visual display creations for you? Feel free to contact us with your display ideas you’d like to see come to life!