Switched on for Signage!

Switched on for signage and style!

How we helped design a prime new bar bistro destination with perfectly crafted vintage style illuminated signage.

Our creative team were asked to design, develop and produce some fantastic ideas for an amazing new bar and restaurant in the heart of Yorkshire. The brief for this stunning bar was to incorporate ambient and impressive lighting solutions with a beautiful mix of textured walls which complement the bar’s Smokehouse theme.

Our team put together a range of creative solutions across the bar to deliver some impressive focus areas for every taste. Our client was delighted with the concept ideas, and our inhouse joinery, printing and fitting teams set to work to deliver the finishing touches before opening day.

“Display Logic’s creative team provided loads of great ideas! They manufactured the perfect finishing touches for our new bar concept which looks just stunning.”

Kay Panesar – Smokehouse @ 22 Owner

The White Company Christmas

The White Company Christmas Windows


Our newest client came to us upon recommendation to collaborate with design, build and installation of window display units for their Christmas theme.

Our team were briefed on a stunning window concept that our client wanted to see delivered  – from concept to installation within a short lead time. Our creative and solid works teams produced all design and CAD elements to allow our joinery departments to fully manufacture the design. All elements entered our spray shop for all finishing touches to be added, before our installation team completed our brief, delivering a selection of truly stunning Christmas windows.

“AMAZING!!! Thank you so much for rising to our challenge!”

Hilary Woolton – VM Display Manager



We worked alongside our client to develop many key projects, across many different areas of the business, creating the stunning and customer friendly designs that you see in store across the country.

Over our time working with American Golf we have undertaken the creation, production , distribution and fitting of the company’s main Iron Rack walls across all their stores, together with the introduction of branded individual driver stands or POD bases, designed to give the customer a clear shopping experience.

With the help of our creative team we designed and developed the New Custom fitting Labs situated within stores, which incorporates all individual elements required by the instore golf fitting professional to provide a first class customer experience, together with clear signage for each brand and Lab location within the stores.

With the success of the new developments we are working closely with our client on the new store opening program, together with the development and creation of new exciting projects throughout the stores to further enhance the customer experience.

“Specific to retail stores, the imperative arises to deliver an authentic, seamless, branded shopping experience – from the most optimal shopper interactions with staff to zero points of friction in the shopping process. Those are the things that will establish one as a ‘retailer of choice’ and keep them coming back.”



We’re working with Bonmarche to create refreshing new looks instore. Enhancing the customer journey, featuring a whole new range of creative designs for our manufacturing departments to produce for a new VM treatment.

Our creative and development teams were given the brief from Bonmarche to review and develop several key areas of their stores visual merchandising treatments, to create a fresh and exciting new look to their stores in line with customer expectations, and the need to continuously regenerate the high street store concepts to today’s shopper.

The team created several new elements for the stores to provide the required concepts. This led to the production of in-store high-level internal displays for their Lingerie departments, cash desk, refreshed treatments which included printing of store specific historical pictures and frames together with the design, production and delivery of internal fixture units and display tables which were all produced in-house.

Our installation teams were coordinated throughout the country to undertake a full store implementation process of all key elements, giving the Bonmarche stores the new look required, with more elements coming soon.

“With today’s shopper and their new shopping journeys, it’s becoming more important than ever to optimise a shopper’s visit to store or site.”

GAP Instore Christmas Project


Glittering gold plinths.  3D Letters. Christmas Tree Stands and Graphics.

Our team worked to create this fantastic Christmas Pop up Store for GAP – bringing the sparkle back onto the High Street, and providing a fun and colourful concept for Christmas Gifting.

From the 3D large format glitter lettering to the purpose-built denim desk, which was complemented by manufactured MDF festive trees for bag and gift tag merchandising – delivering a stunning concept for this festive season with an array of inhouse processes used to manufacture and install this complete concept.

“We constantly rely on our suppliers to turn around great products for our instore seasonal display concepts and Display Logic have once again delivered!”

Matt Moss  – Gap VM Instore Experience Director



Create the interest and set the scene…

Display Logic worked closely with the Diesel and its Visual Merchandising department to aid in the development, creation and manufacture, together with the printing, of several Diesel Campaigns. These designs saw a full cross section of our in-house services being utilised to create stunning effects, from joinery and CNC timber constructions; spray shop finishes to create many different textures and effects; large format printing and signage requirements, together with the introduction of large individual letters.

“Behind every window there’s a single motivation – sales. So it’s got to be exciting and inspirational for the customer. It’s a kind of theatre, and ideas come from everywhere.”



Our creative solutions for GAP’s Shoreditch Box Park store provide an unusual urban retail space that just goes from strength to strength.

Gap approached us with visual ideas for a new concept for us to fully manufacture alongside the designing and production of a selection of new fixtures & fittings for their Box Park boutique store.

This exciting project came with a short lead time and required all elements to be designed, manufactured and installed over a two-week time frame, with stunning results.

All of the fixtures were produced from solid maple timber that consists of 5 x 8 metre walls of fixturing. The concept really did see a move away from the laid back, casual style to a more trendy east end look.

“This is the essence of good pop-up retailing”

Retail Week



Vinyl print installations for Debenhams – perfect seasonal moods for summer & Christmas.


The concept brief from our clients was to create a stunning fresh look throughout their store’s key circulation areas, increasing their stores trading area in a new and exciting way which is both versatile and effective, creating a clear hotspot area for feature product. We also continued the look through into hotspot plinth displays, allowing the feel to continue into other main sight lines.

All the vinyls where designed and printed in house through our large bed printers creating the perfect match and displaying the vibrant finish the client required.

Our skilled onsite installation team were on hand to implement the large format vinyls within the client’s flagship store for the client out of trading hours, providing a smooth turn around with no disruption to the trading day and a stunning  look to the store for the new trading day.

“‘Creativity is seeing what everyone else has seen and thinking what no one else has thought”



Gap partnered with The California Bakery and popped-up for a coffee at Milan’s EXPO. Display Logic worked in conjunction with THE AMERICAN DREAM CAFÉ,  the sponsors of the Milan EXPO and suppliers of all Food & Beverages to the event, to bring a little bit of the outdoors in, creating a retro-themed pop-up coffee shop that included our team creating the design concept for this one off special Pop-up store for the Milan Flagship Store.

Display Logic worked with GAP on the manufacturing, drawings, specifications and materials. All elements of the design were produced from real maple wood veneer MDF which looked stunning, with the laser etched detail within the design. Metal trays were inserted to house an array of plants and crops to enhance the design. The Milan Pop Up shop was installed by our skilled installation team, with the café onsite within the flagship unit for three months to fantastic reviews.



Our 3D section came to life, creating these unique window and instore bespoke display words for Levi’s flagship store in London.

Our client’s brief was to create a window concept which would give depth and style to the Levi brand, showing the product in modern rustic style. We created large 3D corrugated board letters, Zund cut-to-shape and bonded together; cotton fabric applied to the front and back surfaces, then the edges frayed to create the worn look. Suspension fixings’ inserts were used to aid with the installation by our team.

Our team of joiners produced all the prop elements throughout the key area of the display and the store with individual prints applied throughout the store concept, which complemented the overall feel. Window vinyls were sited to maximise the 3D effect, drawing the customer on to their journey into the store and around the key touching points of the store.

“Design thinking is a smart business practice – there is a huge interest in applying ‘designerly’ behaviours to a range of challenges beyond the obvious areas of product and service information.”