It was great to be approached by our friends at 2 Squared Agency to design and produce a range of branding blocks for their clients. The brief was to develop a suite of designs which displays an array of different finishes, styles and materials that would complement the individual brand and messages the individual client wished to communicate.

Our creative team set to work developing a range of styles which saw us create a clear reverse printed acrylic block – perfect for highlighting a multitude of colours and messages to customers – onto the concrete effect, routered MDF blocks which really produce a strong brand focus. We also created interchangeable units which would allow for different signs and messages to be used in conjunction with different material substrates, allowing the brand to drive promotional or brand activity and messages.

On development of these ideas and the feedback from the individual brands, we were asked to produce all of the designs in large volume to service the brand network. This again allowed the full range of in-house services to be fully utilised.

“A great job guys, thank you.”

2 Squared Agency