We were delighted to be asked by Bonmarche to put all our inhouse skills into action with the delivery of their new concept store – with the first located in Glasgow, which was followed by Aberdeen, and the latest store in Newcastle.

This project encompasses many different areas of design and manufacture across the stores’ numerous departments, creating a fresh and modern approach to their stores.

The stunning Denim department was created with stone finish wall panels, delivering a slat texture which was complemented with modern neon signage. Movable shelving which provides space for leg displays highlighted the fit and overall look of the denim, which is combined with product and pricing POS. The department configuration saw a mix of dividing, floating shelving which allows for folded merchandise, and provides a frame for both front and side hanging garments.

Throughout the store, sightline high density fixturing was designed and produced. This incorporated freestanding clothing rails, mannequin plinths which showcases outfit builds, and multi-use tables which allows high density product display in key product areas. Multi-functional units were created which were designed to be utilised within key salesfloor areas or within window units. This provided versatile fixturing across the store.

The footwear department saw the introduction of drawer style trays to create depth and change in pace within the wall displays. New frosted acrylic signage was produced which coordinates with the high level pictorial signage frames and acrylic multi height footwear stands, allowing the store to mix products to create multi-purchase ideas of shoes and handbags.

Lingerie was given a new footprint with high level ornate shelving which provided a display location for product frames and display of individual product. The walling provided merchandising location for bras and briefs, with the versatility to provide space for nightwear. Feature hot spots were located into the key floor space providing customer inspiration.

A new dressing room was created to provide a welcoming environment with floral detail, soft seating and large mirrors to view your style and new look.

All elements of the new concept store were designed with the customer in mind, using the full range of our in-house departments – from the initial creative thinking and concept creation; the technical generation of each element into production throughout all key departments of acrylics, joinery, print, spray shop, metal work; and finally delivery and installation of our vision into the new concept store by our team of fitters.

“The new look stores look amazing, real attention to detail and delivery of every element.”

Catherine Johnson – Visual Merchandising Controller