The White Company - 'Billions of Little Adventures'


It is always amazing to work with the Creative Team at the White Company and this project was no exception. We were asked to produce a collection of 3D dinosaurs’ skeletons to promote their ‘Billions of little adventures’ children’s window and theme focal areas around the store.

Once again our creative team set to work to create the individual templates for each dinosaur across all different size requirements. These templates allowed us to produce these individual beasts in 3D, but also allow for easy distribution in the flat pack form. The Plywood creations produced by CNC production inhouse delivered stunning display props for the clients latest campaign across their estate.

“Thank you once again Display Logic for a great delivery on this latest project, well done.”

The White Company

Selfridges Department Store – ‘Eye See’


We were approached by Selfridges to create a fun and engaging backdrop to promote their new and exciting sunglasses and optical range called ‘EYE SEE’, launching in one of their new departments which was located within the ground floor of their London Store.

Our inhouse creative department developed the creation after receiving the initial brief from the client which was to create a fun, photo backdrop with moving, large motorised eyes in a pink and furry construction. Once Selfridges saw the full design, they were delighted for us to begin the production of the unit. Our Joinery and 3D department set to work delivering the brief and creative vision.

Once the projects construction had been completed it was then down to the distribution and installation teams to complete the project in the store for the Department Launch.

“A brilliant job guys, well done and thank you.”

Selfridges Creative Co-ordinator

Diesel- Haute Couture Campaign - anti-bullying


We were asked to be involved with a very exciting and amazing campaign by Diesel to create a high impact window and instore feature for the Haute Couture Campaign, which is focused against bullying in social media platforms, and is fronted be Nicki Minaj and Gucci Mane.

Once again, our inhouse services came together to deliver the full requirements for this display. Large format wall vinyl featuring the stars was produced, which created an amazing feature backdrop for us to deliver the large-scale vinyl message, and colour base plinths highlighting the brand message. Merchandise fixturing elements with metal display rail was introduced to bring the product together, creating its own pop store within Diesel’s Carnaby Street Store.

Our installation team were mobilised to complete the installation of the concept within store, allowing the store’s merchandising team to deliver the product VM.

Once again, we showed the versatility of having all creative and production functions under one roof, providing cost effective retail displays for the retail market.

“An excellent job guys, well done.”

Diesel Creative Department

Gap Kids – New Kids Zone


We were delighted to continue our collaboration with the GAP team to design and manufacture their latest concept focused at their ever-growing Children’s range.

This project encompasses many different areas of design and manufacture across this exciting department, creating a fresh and modern approach to for their little visitors.

The stunning department was created with large interactive focus zones, which comprised of vinyl detailed mannequin plinth and incorporated children’s active units and panels. This made a great backdrop for the play tables and chairs for these little shoppers.

Throughout the store, sight-line and high density fixturing was designed and produced.  This incorporated merchandising units which frame the walling system; display units were added which allowed visual merchandising, and hanging rails for multi purchase shopping.

The full concept was developed through our creative and solid works teams in line with our client’s guidelines and vision. Our production teams brought the concept to life with all elements created within our inhouse facility.

With all elements ready our team delivered a full installation within GAP’s flagship store.

“Another stunning job by Jamie and the Display Logic team, well done.”

Matt Moss – GAP Instore Experience Director

Bonmarche – New Store Department Concepts


We were delighted to be asked by Bonmarche to put all our inhouse skills into action with the delivery of their new concept store – with the first located in Glasgow, which was followed by Aberdeen, and the latest store in Newcastle.

This project encompasses many different areas of design and manufacture across the stores’ numerous departments, creating a fresh and modern approach to their stores.

The stunning Denim department was created with stone finish wall panels, delivering a slat texture which was complemented with modern neon signage. Movable shelving which provides space for leg displays highlighted the fit and overall look of the denim, which is combined with product and pricing POS. The department configuration saw a mix of dividing, floating shelving which allows for folded merchandise, and provides a frame for both front and side hanging garments.

Throughout the store, sightline high density fixturing was designed and produced. This incorporated freestanding clothing rails, mannequin plinths which showcases outfit builds, and multi-use tables which allows high density product display in key product areas. Multi-functional units were created which were designed to be utilised within key salesfloor areas or within window units. This provided versatile fixturing across the store.

The footwear department saw the introduction of drawer style trays to create depth and change in pace within the wall displays. New frosted acrylic signage was produced which coordinates with the high level pictorial signage frames and acrylic multi height footwear stands, allowing the store to mix products to create multi-purchase ideas of shoes and handbags.

Lingerie was given a new footprint with high level ornate shelving which provided a display location for product frames and display of individual product. The walling provided merchandising location for bras and briefs, with the versatility to provide space for nightwear. Feature hot spots were located into the key floor space providing customer inspiration.

A new dressing room was created to provide a welcoming environment with floral detail, soft seating and large mirrors to view your style and new look.

All elements of the new concept store were designed with the customer in mind, using the full range of our in-house departments – from the initial creative thinking and concept creation; the technical generation of each element into production throughout all key departments of acrylics, joinery, print, spray shop, metal work; and finally delivery and installation of our vision into the new concept store by our team of fitters.

“The new look stores look amazing, real attention to detail and delivery of every element.”

Catherine Johnson – Visual Merchandising Controller

Marvelling at Blackpool's Madame Tussauds


This was a very exciting adventure for Display Logic’s 3D and Theming team with another amazing project working alongside Theme3.

We were approached to deliver the full theming, production and installation of Madame Tussauds Blackpool’s new leading attraction, Marvel.

This project incorporated a multitude of departments and skills from our in-house team to create the individual sections of this project.

The journey started from the themed concept, which was sent through to us, to allow our solid works division to form the working drawings for all our in-house departments to bring this design to life in full 3-Dimension.

Throughout the concept our printing department produced all wall vinyl coverings, bringing the blank walls together and forming the individual sections.

From the creation of the Comic Store – which saw the joinery department producing the comic stands, with comic inserts and acrylic fronts – to figure display stands.

Your walk continues through large printed figures into Thors’ Ice Cave which incorporated 3D sculptures from polystyrene stalagmites and stalactites encasing Thors’ large hammer.

From this you enter the streets of New York City where the Incredible Hulk bursts through the city walls sending taxis crashing into the railway bridge. This section had a large amount of joinery, theming and sculping, scenic artists, printing and onsite installation to create these amazing effects.

Spiderman watches the scene unfold from the Walls of the overlooking skyscraper which was produced on site in our workshops. This falls alongside the entrance to the GOTG section, which again was produced through the many departments within Display Logic.

An outstanding piece of work by the team to deliver this large-scale project.

“A high standard of work delivered in short timescales, well done Display Logic.”


Alton Towers Hotel Arctic Rooms


The continued development of Display Logic’s progression into the 3D and Theming arena has seen us working alongside one of the leading theming design companies.

We were approached to aid in the production and installation of the latest themed rooms within the Alton Towers Hotel resort.

Arctic Rooms is a design concept which incorporated several different themed furniture elements, pulling together the total Arctic Explorer concept in its full glory.

With short deadlines, our technical team worked to create the working drawings for our inhouse joinery department to begin the 18-room production of all the key room furniture features – this included head boards, bedside units, wardrobes, TV units and mirrors.

This project also saw the team move into metal work with the creation of the stunning globe and barber lighting features.

With all elements produced and colour sampling agreed, our spray shops delivered the required finishes to each individual piece, from bold colour to stain finishes – all was completed within our 4 spray booths.

With production complete, our installation and project team started work to deliver the full installation within each room, to strict guidelines and timescales, creating the perfect themed adventure for each little explorer.

“A high standard of work delivered in short timescales –  well done Display Logic.”


VM & Display Show stand - Display Logic's very own

BE BOLD…….with inventive display solutions

Our inhouse teams were really put to the test again this year with a brief to produce the businesses’ stand for this year’s VM & Display Show in the Business Design Centre in Islington London.

The brief was given to our creative department to deliver a stand that fully showcases the inhouse services provided by Display Logic – in a fun and colourful way which would attract new and current clients to visit our stand.

The development of this year’s exhibition stand provided a twist on last year’s design and success. Our thought process led us to create individual coloured zones across the stand, providing a BOLD statement in a strong colour pallet, which was both attractive and eye catching to the show’s visitors.

The joinery, 3D and Acrylics department set to work to manufacture an array of different retail plinths in a collection of shapes and sizes designed to fully display retail merchandise effectively through every store. Together with these elements we created a selection of 3D features which showed different sculptures, large polystyrene letters and display props. This highlighted how these elements could be used in conjunction with traditional display methods to create features and interest within the store environment, providing a new depth to each display.

The print department showcased their work by printing a collection of bright and colourful prints on several different media, again to showcase the variety of methods and production finishes that Display Logic can achieve to deliver a stunning and effective look to any display.

The stand was delivered together with a marketing tag line of ‘BE BOLD’…. This was to highlight that, in the current ever-changing environment, retailers need to Be Bold in their thoughts for new season’s displays, attracting customers through the door with inventive display solutions.

A very enjoyable show which delivered some great conversations and meeting some fabulous people.

“They screamed colour with its coloured zones. BE BOLD – are the two words they live by, and so their stand lived up to that! The use of minimal props situated within its matching colour zones are a clever way of breaking up the floor space without disturbing the colour sector. Their use of hanging displays showcases the production of their capabilities which is a great way to visualise in person, like a showroom presentation.”


Linda Farrow Exhibition Space, Milan


Our collaboration continues with the amazing Linda Farrow. For our latest project we were asked to create a minimalist urban designed exhibition space for their latest display in Milan.

The team created a collection of stunning white display stands to showcase the elegance of Linda Farrow’s new and exciting ranges. The individual displays throughout the stand comprised of a selection of different elements – one of which showed a montage of glass-topped branded display plinths, which benefited from the introduction of LED lighting to the branding of the focal plinth, and vinyl branding through the other key areas.

This led through to a client interaction area which saw a selection of manufactured tables and seating. This was produced in-house through our joinery and spray shops departments, and complemented the work supplied by our metalwork partners.

This area was enhanced by white and chrome display tables, which had inner white draping attached to coordinate with the stands’ internal draping look and feel, which brought the design together.

Large graphic images where introduced to deliver a hint of colour to the design and was installed to meet the client’s timescales.

“A stunning job created and executed by the team at Display Logic, well done and thank you.”

Linda Farrow

Linda Farrow - Spring-Summer New Season


We were briefed to deliver a fun and stylish concept to showcase the Linda Farrows latest range of amazing sunglasses, to springboard into the new season.

Working closely with the Linda Farrow’s creative team, our manufacturing unit set to work developing and manufacturing a full range of stylised and colourful plinths – from standard cubes, rectangle base designs through to circle and polo metallic shaped cubes which were placed within a water ripple effect walling window scheme. This allowed the stunning range of sunglasses to be merchandised within the poolside unit, providing a cost effective, poolside display.

“Thank you very much for the Spring/Summer windows – it’s just what we wanted and everyone is very pleased with the result.”

Yuji Suzuki, Graphic Designer