Our 3D section came to life, creating these unique window and instore bespoke display words for Levi’s flagship store in London.

Our client’s brief was to create a window concept which would give depth and style to the Levi brand, showing the product in modern rustic style. We created large 3D corrugated board letters, Zund cut-to-shape and bonded together; cotton fabric applied to the front and back surfaces, then the edges frayed to create the worn look. Suspension fixings’ inserts were used to aid with the installation by our team.

Our team of joiners produced all the prop elements throughout the key area of the display and the store with individual prints applied throughout the store concept, which complemented the overall feel. Window vinyls were sited to maximise the 3D effect, drawing the customer on to their journey into the store and around the key touching points of the store.

“Design thinking is a smart business practice – there is a huge interest in applying ‘designerly’ behaviours to a range of challenges beyond the obvious areas of product and service information.”