Privacy & Cookies Policy

Personal information

You don’t have to give us any information, but if you do, it’s in safe hands.

This website does not store or capture personal information such as full name and email address (unless you have submitted an enquiry or signed up to our newsletter), but merely logs the user’s IP address (Internet Protocol: standard allowing data to be transmitted between two devices) which is automatically recognised by the web server.

What information is being collected?

If you sign up for our newsletter, submit an enquiry or when you get in touch with us via our website, your information which includes your full name and email address, will be held on a secure server with our secure account at a third party mail service platform, mailchimp. You would be sent an email to opt in to the subscriber list, and you will always be in control and manage your settings for this list.

Who is collecting it?

Your personal data as outlined above is being collected by Display Logic Ltd only.

How is it collected?

Your data is collected once you have signed up for a newsletter, submitted an enquiry or got in touch with us using the forms on our website.

Why is it being collected & how will it be used?

Your data is being collected when you sign up for our newsletter, submit an enquiry or get in touch with us via the website. Your data will only be used for this purpose.

Who will it be shared with?

Your data will only ever be used by Display Logic and will never be shared with any organisations or third parties outside of Display Logic.

What will be the effect of this on you?

All data will be retained on our secure servers until such a time you request for them to be removed. You have at any time, the ‘right to be forgotten’. This means you can contact us at any time and request we remove any and all of your details from our systems permanently. You can request this by emailing us at You also have the right to request to see any of the details that we store about you on our systems. You can send this request to and we will respond to you within 30 days from the date we receive the email request.

This privacy statement only covers our website privacy statement does not cover any other websites linked from this domain.


Thank you for reading our privacy policy.