Retail Webrooming & Showrooming: How not to be left in digital's dust

Showrooming and Webrooming are big obstacles retailers face as the world becomes more connected. How can this be combatted to ensure they’re not left in digital’s dust?

What is Showrooming? Have you ever seen something in a store, and then gone online to try and find it for a better price? That’s showrooming. It’s one of the byproducts of retailers not always integrating their customers’ online and in-person shopping experiences.

OK, but what’s webrooming? It’s essentially the opposite of showrooming, when consumers research products online and then buy them in-store.

Bryan Eisenberg, chief marketing officer at IdealSpot, points out that retailers can’t simply choose between online and brick-and-mortar stores because that’s not how the world works. “Retail does not exist without an online component and online retail isn’t as cost-effective if you don’t have a brick-and-mortar component,” says Eisenberg. “We’re connected all the time through the phones in our pockets, but we live in a physical world.”

“Some may mourn the fact that the functional aspect of shopping the high street is now better delivered online, but in its place is a move towards a ‘retailtainment’ almost leisure experience that engages, excites and inspires.” Karl McKeever, Retail Focus columnist, says that “a retail store isn’t for product distribution anymore. Product information has become ubiquitous – you can learn about products and price them online.” “So what’s going to make me want to be loyal to you?” asks Eisenberg. “You need to make it special, where I just don’t want to go anywhere else.”

Look at ways to re-invent the in-store experience!

The Digitally Enabled Store

Retailers are now looking to create digital shopping ‘experiences’ which bring digital technology into stores.

For example, Burberry’s flagship London store contains an impressive array of digital gadgetry to provide a better shopping experience for customers. This includes iPads by the dozen, lots of video screens, including full-length screens which convert into mirrors, as well as clothing which has been chipped to trigger catwalk videos when near a mirror.


M&S has tried something similar in its Cheshire Oaks store, adding virtual make-up counters, lots of video screens and wi-fi.




Display Logic have produced tables to house ipads in, for one of our longstanding clients, GAP.

Regardless of where consumers originate their point of shopping, they want their experience with a retailer to be “seamless”, very easy to use, and personal.

  • Get under the skin of customer interactions from fixture to zonal level and target your merchandise and communications to amplify their experience at each stage.
  • Provide interactive industry leading touch points that will position you over and above competitors for unrivalled in-store customer experiences.
  • Facilitate customer spending with improved store design, effective shop floor resourcing and engaging concepts to maximise every opportunity.
  • Enrich the customer experiencewith exciting touchpoints and interactions.
  • Convert browsers to buyersby completing their purchasing decision with staff support, strategic merchandising and effective signage.                                    
  • Capitalise on impulse purchasesand explore areas of initial interaction and dwell times.
  • Increase average transaction valueand encourage desired routes by simplifying store navigation to designated areas.
  • Optimise category and space productivityby understanding how your customers shop.

Strong visual merchandising can make a good retail outlet great. Investing a little time and effort in giving your store a facelift can make a world of difference. Engaging some professional services to help with your branding, your window displays or your in store signage can make you really stand out from the crowd. This has a huge impact on customer experience in your store.

Why not let Display Logic create extraordinary and striking retail and shopping experiences through all types of visual display creations for you? Feel free to contact us with your display ideas you’d like to see come to life!