If you’re in the themed environment, prop or exhibit fabrication business, you know the challenges of conventional production methods. Manual processes can not only slow you down, but they can also limit the scale, accuracy and overall quality of your work – not a great foundation for your business. 3D Impact  automated foam carving system is completely changing the world of exhibit and themed environment production.


3D Impact gives you the tools you need to take your themed environments, props and exhibits to new creative levels, ensuring that you’re no longer limited by your production processes. Create larger, more accurate and more realistic projects than ever before. Digitally design or 3D scan any object and perfectly recreate it with foam in absolutely any size. Your ideas are translated into spectacular themed & retail environments, trade show & museum exhibits, sculptures, props and moulds.


3D Impacts scanning facility lets you translate any object into a detailed 3D file which can then be perfectly replicated or enlarged to absolutely any size in foam. With top-of-the-line scanning resolution and powerful integrated software, 3D Impact does all of this with an automated process that minimises post-scanning work and lets you ramp up productivity.

With the ability to digitally capture anything that can be scanned, 3D Impact brings new levels of efficiency and accuracy to the production process. Instead of relying on tedious manual processes to recreate pieces that demand accuracy, simply send the scanned file to 3D Impacts Mill for perfectly accurate foam reproduction or enlargement. Grow your production capabilities, boost efficiencies and expand your product lines.