With our state-of-the-art hand-held portable flash Scanner – instead of using manual processes to create digital models – 3d Impact’s hand-held system  gives you the ability to translate any object into a detailed 3D file that can then be perfectly replicated or enlarged. Using advanced white light technology, we are able to capture a digital 3D scan in seconds – and in colour. It is offered as a standalone, portable solution that can be easily transported and set-up when and where required. Once complete, the scanned file can be edited and prepared for production , and then passed to our milling machines for accurate replication or enlargement. With these technologies we can  expand your capabilities significantly.


Our flatbed scanning facility lets you translate any object into a detailed 3D file, which can then be perfectly replicated or enlarged to absolutely any size in foam. With top-of-the-line scanning resolution and powerful integrated software, our facility does all of this with an automated process that minimises post-scanning work and lets you ramp up productivity. With the ability to digitally capture anything that can be scanned, 3D Impact brings new levels of efficiency and accuracy to the production process. Instead of relying on tedious manual processes to recreate pieces that demand accuracy, simply send the scanned file to 3Dimpacts milling bed for perfectly accurate foam reproduction or enlargement. Grow your production capabilities, boost efficiencies and expand your product lines.


With the 3D Impact Scanning services we can visit your site and scan the items or item required to deliver the perfect replica with the perfect finish. This service can be as part of the full construction process or as a stand-alone service, which is ideal for museums or architectural detailing.